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Imperial Caviar is the only type of caviar that is created by two different species. It offers sublime buttery flavour and it is known for its complex hint of creamy. It simply melts in your mouth, leaving behind a sensual experience that invites you to more. Its colour is purely golden with medium to large size eggs.
From: £47.50
Kaluga Caviar Originally from the Amur river, Kaluga Caviar tastes of the sea with buttery overtones. Its colour varies from medium to light brown with gold highlights and a glossy finish. It is one of our most exclusive selections.
From: £62.70
Beluga XX Caviar lingers in the mouth with astounding flavours. The perfect model of distinguished qualities of delicacies amongst all types. Known for its larger grains of light grey eggs, it is a true culinary delight. This is the pinnacle of caviar artistry, and therefore only available in limited quantities at Gourmet House Caviar.
From: £173.85
Caviar butter is creamy, made with fresh caviar (40%) and English butter from Devon with a subtle taste yet delicious. Spread it on toast for a stunning appetizer. it can be used as an aromatic ingredient to season sauces, or as an accompaniment, complimenting your seafood dishes.