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ITO Japanese Wagyu (Portioned Steaks) Ribeye Steak A5


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Pure Blood Wagyu has been called a work of art, a product which has been blessed by Japan’s rich nature and vibrant food culture. The Japanese black cattle, which is called “Kuroge Washu”, is an indigenous cattle species from Japan. Bred on small farms where they are nurtured like part of the family, they are fed with grass, rice straw and whole crop silage. The result of this artisan farming is a highly marbled, extremely delicate meat, with a unique taste. Wagyu has a mild texture and rich, sweet aroma with a fat content that is high in unsaturated fatty acids, which add to the flavour and eating experience. Taste the flavours of japan with its highly sophisticated culinary traditions that have been passed down the generations for centuries.

Size: 300g

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